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Immediate Edge

The first decentralized cryptocurrency to be introduced was the Bitcoin, back in 2009. Since then, many more cryptocurrencies entered the market, but it was not until 2024 that a fully automated crypto trading platform became available. When they became more popular, reviews were split – some found it hard to believe that automated robots will be able to yield good results in the crypto trading market, while others were certain that it would have a higher success rate because it does not rely on human discretion and judgment. Time had proved that cryptocurrency automated trading platforms not only work but work well.

However, the rising popularity of crypto trading caused more and more products to be developed and promoted, some very aggressively. The problem is that they vary by features, advantages, and of course – results. So the question is – how to make the right choice that fits your preferences and abilities. This is where we come into the picture – our crew tests each one, we bring you the results and the key information so that you have the ability to select wisely.

Immediate Edge

What is Immediate Edge Apps?

Immediate Edge Apps is a cryptocurrency trading platform with an auto trading robot that enables users to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease and high returns. It has both manual and fully automatic features, which means that no prior knowledge is required for placing trades. Immediate Edge is exceptionally famous among cryptocurrency traders for its features, user-friendly interface, and successful results.

One of the Immediate Edge main advantages is the automated trading robot feature which enables even an inexperienced trader to profit. The reason that previous experience and cryptocurrency trading knowledge is not necessary is that it was designed specifically for that. Because it has the automated trading option, the software is able to execute trades on its own, without the need for human intervention. Opening and closing trades are done based on preferences set by the user, but autonomously by the system

Read on to receive the full details and review, is Immediate Edge a trading scam or legit trading platform.

Is Immediate Edge Safe and Trustworthy?

In short – the answer is Yes. There are several reasons why Immediate Edge is so popular, and its popularity is not for no reason. It has many useful features and technical advantages, all of which we will detail in this review.

Immediate Edge is simple to understand and operate with a user-friendly interface. This, combined with the automated trading feature, makes for a great trading platform for all investors, no matter what level of experience they have, whether none or high.

It also has a high profit-rate of 88 percent, which provides great odds and high returns on investments. Online trading is a quick way to make money, either by taking the time to manually control the trades – which requires some expertise, and is not a recommended option for entry-level traders or by using the automated mode.

The automated mode has several benefits – It’s faster, it can run 24/7 and never miss a trade, it is devoid of human emotions which means that no hesitancy or questioning is involved. It is important to understand that using trading robots does not mean that it would do all the decision making. To explain in short – Immediate Edge uses mathematical algorithms to analyze the data it collects from the market and opens or closes trades when the conditions meet the rules set by the trader (such as risk management, max amount per trade, max trades allowed, open and close values, time frames, etc.).

Immediate Edge is a free platform. This is usually a good sign, as most scams will involve a download or usage fee. With Immediate Edge you have no partners, all the profit you make is yours. A minimum deposit of $250 is required to start live trading, however, this is an investment that constitutes your initial capital. The deposit amount is used for live trades and can be withdrawn along with the profits, in full. Keep in mind that any type of trading holds some risk of loss. The purpose of using trading robots is to minimize that risk and maximize profits. In fact, these platforms were initially developed in order to allow anyone and everyone to take part in cryptocurrency trading.

Immediate Edge has many praising reviews. It is used, tested, and proven successful by all level traders, including experts and professionals. We, too, signed up and spent time getting to know the system, testing it to deliver you our verdict. Read on for the full review.

  • Superb winning rate of 88%
  • We advise you to start trading with a minimum deposit of $250 (small amount)

Full Immediate Edge Review:

As explained, Immediate Edge is, by definition, an automatic cryptocurrency trading platform, which is also known in the market as Trading Robots. It uses the latest technology with sophisticated algorithms to scan and analyze the market and produce trading signals for trades. This makes it unnecessary for the user to research and study the markets or acquire an extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency world.

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Immediate Edge

The Immediate Edge platform has what may seem an insignificant advantage of being 0.01 seconds ahead of the market. However, this is exactly the advantage which also allows it to have a high success rate of 88%, as previously mentioned. Let’s look at the reason why this small time-difference makes for a big advantage. Because the Immediate Edge algorithm gets the heads-up on the market changes 0.01 seconds before other traders, it benefits from having a profit margin, especially when operating on the automated mode.

Immediate Edge has an impressive accuracy rate of over 99%. Thanks to its technical abilities to predict the market changes and trends, and price fluctuations, it makes for a great trading tool for any investor.

A word of caution – The fact that the platform has a great trading record does not mean that one should be reckless. It is never a good idea to invest money you cannot afford to lose. However, if your mind is set on crypto trading, using an advanced system is a great option, same as starting with small amounts until you are satisfied with your abilities and the system’s performance.

How Does Immediate Edge App Work?

Immediate Edge, as previously mentioned, is a fully automated cryptocurrency trading system. Let’s take a quick look at how it works.

In essence, Immediate Edge is technologically advanced software, using complex algorithms to scan the market and produce trading signals. It is designed to allow varying levels of control for its users – by either choosing the manual trading option or opting for the fully automated ones.

The difference between these options is easy to understand –

The manual option means that the trader is manually handling the trades while logged into the platform. The system will still scan and analyze the market and provide the trading signals, however, the execution of trades will be up to the trader.

The automated option lets the system handle all the trading process. It will enter and exit trades according to the rules set in the system by the trader. There are several benefits for using this feature – it can execute trades anytime, 24/7. It is faster and more accurate and without human intervention, it has no emotions involved either.

The Immediate Edge was developed to enable everyone to effortlessly – and successfully – trade Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies, without the need for previous experience or knowledge. A basic understanding is recommended so that the right trading settings are chosen, but one does not need to be an expert to operate an independent system.

Registration Process:

The Immediate Edge registration process is extremely easy and simple, and in general – from the beginning of the process until real-live trading – you only need to follow three short steps, as can be seen below:

Step 1 – Registering your new trading account

The first step to becoming a Immediate Edge member is obviously to sign up for the platform. The registration and verification process is short and quick, as described in more detail below.

Step 2 – Making an initial investment deposit

In order to trade, you would need to deposit some initial funds to your account. It is recommended to start with a minimum of $250 and up to $500 to initiate live trades and increase the investment amount once you are satisfied with your settings of trading rules.

Step 3 – Withdraw or reinvest your earnings

Once you become more familiar with the system and are happy with your chosen set of trading rules, whether you trade manually or use the automated feature – you should be able to start making money. Any funds in your account can be reinvested or withdrawn at any point.

Read on for the full review of each step, including tips, features, additional information, and final conclusion.

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Immediate Edge

How to Open an Account?

The Immediate Edge registration form is as easy as it gets. There is only some initial information that is required, consisting of some personal details and a password. These include your full name, email address, country, and phone number. You will also need to choose a password. We strongly recommend that you choose a unique password that consists of small case letters, upper case letters, and numbers.

Once you submit the form your registration is complete. Registering to Immediate Edge is free of charge, so make sure you are registering to the original Immediate Edge trading system on its official website.

Immediate Edge Registration Process:

  • Go to the official Immediate Edge website
  • Fill the registration form
  • Make sure you use a strong password
  • Submit the form.
  • Registration is done.
  • You are now officially a member

How to Begin Live Trading?

Immediate Edge offers two trading options – Demo Trading and Live Trading. The Demo Trading does not involve trading with actual money and is meant for the user to get acquainted with the system and test its settings. Once you are satisfied, you can get started with Live Trading, placing trades manually or using the automated bot option. Actual trading can only be entered after you placed an initial deposit that will serve as your initial investment capital. There are several different payment methods accepted on the Immediate Edge trading system, as demonstrated here:

Immediate Edge Demo Trading:

The Immediate Edge Demo Trading consists of two options, both meant for practice and testing:

Demo Trading – The demo enables you to “trade” according to actual crypto market trends and conditions, and it basically assists in testing the settings and adjusting them before you start trading live with actual money.

Backtesting – This is another demo feature that enables you to test your settings according to historical market data. Although using the backtesting feature does not reflect on actual current market conditions, it still makes for a good testing tool for your settings.

Immediate Edge Live Trading:

Once you feel comfortable with your settings, you can move on to the actual live trading. Immediate Edge allows you to trade multiple cryptocurrencies of your choice and not just Bitcoin. Although a minimum investment of $250 is required in order to get to the live trading phase, trades can be entered with much lower amounts, and it is advisable to start small and work your way up.

You should move to live trade once you have tested your platform’s settings. If you are new to cryptocurrency trading, the fully automated trading feature may be the best way to go. It maximizes your profit potential, detects every trading opportunity which matches your settings, and works solely by algorithms technical analysis and not human emotions.Start Trading with CryptoSoft

Immediate Edge Features:

We have detailed below the Immediate Edge main features, some of which we have reviewed in this article, some are additional points we find worth mentioning:

No Download – The platform is accessible and manageable from desktop, mobile phone, tablets, and basically any device with an internet connection. It is an online system and as such it does not require download and installation.

Verification Process – As described, the Immediate Edge signup and verification process is very simple, requires very little time and effort, yet it is safe and secure, protected by the latest online security protocols.

User-Friendly Interface – Everything about the system was designed with the user in mind. It is easy to register, set up, test, and adjust. This is true to manual and automated trading. The withdrawal process is also simple.

Free Software – There is no cost to sign up or to use the Immediate Edge platform. No fees or commissions are involved, therefore any deposited amounts and profits made can be reinvested or withdrawn in full.

Initial Deposit – Immediate Edge is free for registration and use, and we confirmed that there are no hidden fees. The only “cost” involved are the funds you deposit as your investment capital for trades – a required initial minimum of $250, which will be used by you for trading. Online deposits are processed immediately.

Withdrawal Process – Whenever you want to withdraw funds from your account, this is easily done by filling an online withdrawal request, which is usually fulfilled within 24 hours. There is no fee on withdrawals and no limited number of withdrawals.

Customization Options – The settings available for the investor are widely customizable. From Stop-Loss to Maximum Trade Amounts, through setting allowed time frames, having a wide range of settings allows high customization to fit your personal preferences and abilities.

Demo Account – Again, this is a great feature that investors, seasoned or inexperienced, will find useful. Whether you will use both demo and backtesting or not, these are good testing methods for your settings.

Success Rate – Immediate Edge has a proven success rate ranging between 88%-90%. This is a remarkable rate which explains the popularity of the platform and the praising testimonials and claims of significant profits.

Advanced Technology – The latest technology used is apparent in every step – from the algorithm to the features and settings, through the security and safety of the system. All come to allow the accuracy and profitability of the Immediate Edge.

User Testimonials – In addition to testing the system, we checked user testimonials history and found consistent positive reviews. This also comes to support the Immediate Edge being a credible trading system.

Customer Service – This is an important feature that should be considered before committing to any service. Having a comprehensive customer support system is another significant plus.

Broker Partners – Apparently, Immediate Edge has partnered with a number of licensed brokers who provide professional assistance to the traders. It is good to have that available even if you are set to trade using the automated bot.

Immediate Edge Review Conclusion:

Immediate Edge is important to stress though, that some degree of risk always exists so one might render some losses, especially due to market changes. It is a good practice to start small and raise the investment amounts as you gain more profits and confidence in your skills and settings.


Q. Will I still get profits if market volatility is low?

Yes, making money with Immediate Edge is easy thanks to the advanced algorithm, you can still make money.

Q. How much time will it take to process withdrawals?

It normally takes up to 24 hours to process any withdrawals.

Q. Can I trade only bitcoin with Immediate Edge?

You can trade Bitcoin but also a wide variety of other Cryptocurrencies with the Immediate Edge trading platform.

Q. Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

No, Immediate Edge is 100% legitimate.

Q. Do I need trading experience to use Immediate Edge?

No, even an inexperienced trader can make a small investment and start making money with the Immediate Edge. Bitcoin trading robots are a way to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to anyone who wants to make money.

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